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Insurance for airlines

Insurance for airlines and charter and cargo flight companies has to meet stricter requirements because the risks are considerable due to the size of the aircraft.

This is based on the number of passenger seats, the high passenger capacity, the value of the cargo, the hull value of the aircraft, statutory regulations and the high frequency of flights

Additionally, the risk of damage to the aircraft through baggage loading, catering and other resupply processes while it is on the ground always constitutes a hazard.

Any damage preventing the aircraft from operating makes organising an aviation business a complex and challenging affair.

The diversity of the requirements that all types of airlines have to meet is matched by that of the sometimes rapidly changing destinations, be they for tourism, cargo flights due to the pandemic or, as has most recently been the case, evacuations.

This constantly changing landscape requires flexible insurance cover that is tailored to the needs of our clients.

To make sure that this is the case, we have to be available at all times and determine the necessary cover in advance, with consideration for factors such as

  • the requirements of leases
  • areas of operation
  • seasonal fluctuations
  • excesses
  • amounts of hull and liability cover

and much more.

As such, this requires a strategic risk and demand analysis for us to use our connections in the market to provide our clients with the optimal insurance solution.

If you do suffer a loss despite having taken every precaution, we will help you file the claim with the insurer.

In doing so, you will benefit from our expertise and specially qualified employees who have many years of experience in supporting our airline clients.